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sauces & spices - traeger

beef shake

Traeger original shake. A rich blend of garlic & assorted peppers. Gives beef the perfect edge. Greats on steaks and burgers.

SPC102 16oz $10.25

Pork & Poultry Shake

A pleasant departure from Traegers bolder spices. Rotisserie flavor with Rosemary and other assorted herbs for a milder seasoning.

SPC107 16oz  $10.25

Blackened Saskatchewan

From Maple Leaf country comes a savory blend of spices that liven up beef, game and poultry.

SPC801 16oz $10.25

Salmon Shake

Traegers secret recipe for grilled and smoked salmon is revealed: A unique blend of Pacific Northwest Indian herbs and spices.

SPC109 16oz $10.25

Souvlaki Seasoning

Souvlaki Seasoning: Inspired by the Mediterranean, this Greek blend of spices is excellent on lamb, vegetables and chicken. It's fast becoming a favorite among Traeger owners.

SPC109 16oz $10.25

Cajun Shake

You know you have a winner when Louisiana Cajuns buy your spices. They buy Traegers all the time. Ooooooweee!

SPC108 16oz $10.25

Veggie Shake

From the garden to the grill, this is the only spice you will need to civilize all those meat eaters in the family.

SPC110 16oz $10.25

Barbecue Rub

Traeger original rub. Granular magic works wonders on poultry and pork. A little goes a long way.

SPC101 16oz $8.25

Prime Rib Rub

Traeger Prime Rib is famous! This is the rub we use in our own restaurant. A secret blend of lively spices treats prime rib right.

SPC101 16oz $8.25

beef rub

This course ground blend of zesty spices brings any cut of beef to life. Great on roasts, steaks and burgers.

SPC111 16oz $9.95

Spice Sampler

A Great idea. A sample of each of our authentic rubs and shakes. Five rubs and four shakes. Try them all and you decide which is the best!

SPC501 $12.00

Apricot Sauce

Caution: this sauce is addictive!

SPC105 13oz $7.95

Regular BBQ Sauce

There's nothing regular about this one! Great tangy flavor enhances any type of meat you put it on.

SPC104 13oz $7.95

Chili Sauce

Satisfies the need for chili without burning off your taste buds.

SPC106 13oz $7.95

Honey-Bourbon Sauce

NEW! We've combined the richness of honey with the smoothness of bourbon to create this one-of-a-kind sauce.

SPC121 13oz $7.95

Mandarin Glaze

East meets West. A perfect balance of sweet n’ hot. Use this as a sauce or glaze on pork, chicken or create Asian barbecue. You’ll love it’s exotic flavor.

SPC118 13oz $7.95

Texas Spicy Sauce

Yee haw! This is a true championship quality sauce. Tangy, rich, with a little bit of that Texas kick.

SPC117 13oz $7.95

Carne Asada Marinade

A south of the border favorite. Great with beef.

SPC119 13oz $7.95

Regular Marinade

Use this with any type of meat.

SPC120 13oz $7.95