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traeger wood pellet grills

The B-B-Q Shop prides itself on being an authorized dealer for Traeger wood pellet grills and smokers. The Traeger wood pellet grill line is one of the finest, durable and affordable quality BBQ grill money can buy. The flavor and the versatility of Traeger wood pellet grills have made them a favorite among serious backyard cooks. Every person has unique grilling needs and we have catered to them all! Buy a Traeger pellet grill from us and you are buying top notch products, pricing and customer service. Check out our other Traeger items such as Traeger grills, Traeger pellet grills, Traeger commercial grills, Traeger pellets, Traeger wood pellets, Traeger Lil' Tex.


Traeger Grill BBQ 055

BBQ 055

Introducing the new Traeger Junior, our most affordable Traeger pellet grill yet! Perfectly sized for small households.

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Traeger Grill BBQ 070

BBQ 070

Yes, Siree, mosey on up and meet Lil' Tex. Modeled after our popular BBQ075 Texas Style grill.

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Traeger Grill BBQ 07E


New for 2007! A new twist on our popular Lil' Tex, the "Elite" features a stainless steel grill door, hinged hopper lid, and door handle.

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Traeger Grill BBQ 075

BBQ 075

Introduced in 1992, this grill has become our most popular Traeger model. Designed after the traditional Texas Style wood cookers

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Traeger Grill BBQ 124

BBQ 124

This grill will elevate your backyard cooking to the next level and with 418 sq. inches of cooking surface there will be plenty of room for sharing.

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Traeger Grill BBQ 124

BBQ 124 Built-in

Outdoor kitchens have become all the rage, and Traeger's BBQ124 is the pellet perfect answer to island grill applications.

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Traeger COM 150

BBQ 150

When it comes to entertaining outdoors, bigger IS better! Introducing the Traeger XL-Extra Large pellet grill.

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Traeger Grill BBQ PIG


Is it "Art Deco" or is it a barbecue? You decide, because our Lil'Pig smokes and cooks just like any other Traeger grill.

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Traeger wood pellet grills not only cook the best tasting food on the planet, but they also promote safety and caution when grilling. Since a Traeger wood pellet grill uses Traeger pellets, you can rest assured that there will be no safety hazards such as explosions from gas leaks or burn accidents from hot coals.


Traeger wood pellet grills are famous around the world as one of the top cooking grills on the market today. A Traeger wood pellet grill will grill, roast, and smoke, thus giving you the ability to cook at low temperatures for hours or even cook up a meal in minutes. This makes it as convenient as a gas grill but with the added flavor of hardwood cooking. If you are serious about real wood fire flavor in an easy to use unit, then you really should consider a Traeger wood pellet grill.