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Traeger wood pelletsTraeger wood pellets / Traeger wood pellet

Traeger hard wood pellets - available in a variety of species - are the sole source of heat and impart a delicious flavor to smoked, grilled and baked foods. Conveniently sealed in easy-to-handle, 20-pound bags, our wood pellets are clean-burning, sanitary, economical and 100-percent pure. They are easier and safer to transport and store than other types of barbecue fuel.


Traeger wood pellets are no larger than the eraser on the end of a pencil. People who see them for the first time think they look like rabbit food, but there is nothing small about the heat energy in a Traeger wood pellet. Over 8500 BTU's per pound! Wood pellets are not new, they have been around for a long time used in industrial, commercial, and residential heating appliances and applications. There are over 100 fully operational pellet mills in the United States. Traeger Industries was the first company to use them for cooking.


Only the finest hardwood raw materials are sourced from all over the country. The pure, raw material (sawdust) is then pulverized with hammer mills and dried. The dried material is then processed under heat and pressure. Lignin, which is the natural glue which holds plant fiber together, softens above 100 degrees Celsius, permitting the material to change shape. The hot lignin then acts like a glue to bond the Traeger wood pellets together. Pelleting employs a hard steel die which rotates against rollers forcing the material through the die with pressures of over 10,000 PSI. As the wood pellet is forced through the die it is sheared off at the specified length, cooled, screened, and bagged.


General specifications for Traeger barbecue pellets are: 100% hardwood, 1" long or less in length, 1/4" diameter, less than 2% ash content, less than 2% fines, 10% moisture content, 8500 BTU's per lb, and about 40 lbs per cubic ft. density.


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Pellet Availability Chart:

  Beef Pork Chicken Fish Lamb Turkey
Alder x x x x x x
Apple   x x     x
Cherry x x x      
Garlic x x     x  
Hickory x x x     x
Maple x x       x
Mesquite x   x x    
Oak x     x    
Onion x x   x x  
Pecan x x x     x


    Traeger wood pellets are sealed in convenient 20-pound bags and are available in these flavorful species:
  • Hickory $18.99
  • Mesquite $18.99
  • Oak $18.99
  • Apple $18.99
  • Maple $18.99
  • Cherry $18.99
  • Pecan $18.99
  • Alder $18.99
  • Onion $18.99
  • Garlic $18.99
  • Grapevine $24.99